Disney’s Greatest Hits

Disney’s Greatest Hits


albumdisneyHello Unair Library friends, every Friday on this website, we give you a piece of brief information about our collection, especially in audio-video format. Starting in 2023, we renamed the room on the 3rd floor of campus B from American Corner to MOVIO. In this room, we provide CD Music, Knowledge, Magazine and another format like DVD. We also have an Internet TV that gives you another experience to watch from many applications then in the upcoming facilities we provide the tools to help you with editing or creating something. That’s our beginning in this paragraph before exploring the MOVIO collection.

Disney’s, what do you think about this word? Disney’s represented animated movies and they have many characters that we always remember. Mickey Mouse, the legendary icon of Disney’s animation that always accompanies you when turned on the TV, or Cinderella, The Snow White, Aladdin the other symbol in Disney’s movies that gives you a new perspective after watching. Every single movie or animation relates to an awesome soundtrack that gives the viewer a new impact. They can connect with the movie when listening to the audio.

In 2005, Disney’s Record, one of Disney’s Group Companies, released Disney’s Greatest Hits. They combine many soundtracks in one album. According to the CD Part One you can find Phil Collins with “You’ll be in my heart” of Christina Aquilera with “Reflection” and many musicians support this album. Each CD consists of 20 songs and when you are listening to 3 CDs at one time that emphasized over 3 hours of music.

CD Part Two, you can play Robin Williams, Elton John, etc and on CD Part 3 you can find other singers like Belinda Carlisle, Roger Miller, etc. In my review, the sound of the CD is good, you can listen clearly as like as you are streaming the premium version in the application. If you have a music app you can also hear that album with terms and conditions but if you play in our room you can listen to a whole track.

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